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The Highest Exposure

When launching a new product, name change or getting any message out in the shortest amount of time possible, these are the way to go! They come in many sizes for maximum exposure to vehicular traffic on expressways, highways and primary arteries of all kinds. Whether by print or digital, this form of advertising can provide 4 times more impressions per dollar than radio and magazines, 8 times more than TV and 11 times more than newspapers…they’re visible 24/7! Digital versions are timely and highly effective by being displayed for targeted times of the day. Command BIG attention with creative three-dimensional designs, moving parts and extensions.

DISCLAIMER: All portfolio work included in this website are lent to Fallin Graphics for fair practice use, are copyrighted and the property of the entity for which they were created. Any use, in part or whole, of these images without expressed written consent are subject to prosecution by the respective company.

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