Fallin Graphics offers concept-to-completion project services using the highest quality commercial, express-based, shipping and fulfillment vendors.

Our intention is to provide the highest quality and the quickest turnaround for the lowest price. Originally, we just produced designs then guided our clients’ towards various printers. Often there would be pre or post-print problems and our need to be involved, which left the client with a bad rapport, paying unnecessary fees and frustrated. Since we are so intimate with the art already, who better to take ownership toward improving the entire lifecycle of a job under our control as a one stop company. Our clients agree and love the convenience! (See Printing Terms & Conditions)




Fallin Graphics has been striving to be eco-friendly since inception in 1997. We continually seek ways to make our eco-footprint smaller in and around our surroundings. Examples of our efforts incorporated into our daily business to maintain an Eco-Friendly work place:


In the Work Place:

All requests are taken electronically, no paper needed.

All client dialogue and proofs are emailed.

We recycle paperwork, cans, bottles and postal discard.

We recycle or donate outdated electronics and computers.

Lighting, other than natural sunlight, is setup to operate sparingly and with energy efficient bulbs.

All electronics used are energy efficient and rechargeable batteries are used where needed.


On the Print Floor:

Water-based chemicals are used instead of solvent based in many areas.

100% of the ink used is "Soy Based" or "Eco-Friendly Renewable Oil-Based".

We use Low VOC (volatile Organic Compound) water-based Aqueous coatings and our UV coatings are 0 VOC.

Our premium card stock paper is PEFC Certified.

We print routinely on Recycled Stocks.

Paper saving press make-readies are performed each day, saving paper waste.